What is Cursoidiomas?

Cursoidiomas is an online e-learning platform that offers language courses. The courses consists of interactive on-site lessons, assignments and exams in addition to live classes and individual tutoring with a teacher.

What languages do you offer?

Currently we offer Norwegian and Spanish language courses consisting of three levels.

How much do the courses cost?

You may choose to join an interactive course for only €30 / month, or a complete course including live classes with a teacher for an additional €65. There are no fixed subscription periods and you may cancel at any time after the first month.

How long is the the course period?

Approximately the courses takes about three months or more to complete, depending on your own progress. In any case, you are always free to take the time that you need and that may suit you.

Will the Norwegian course help me when applying for work abroad, like in Norway?

Yes, after completing the three level Norwegian course and passing the so-called “Bergen test” (Bergenstesten) you will legally be able to work in Norway.

Can I go directly to a higher course level?

Normally you start at the beginner level and then move on to the next one after course completion and passing the exam. You may however jump directly to intermediate or advanced level if you are able to pass an entry test. Please, get in touch for more information.

Can I communicate directly with a teacher?

Yes, each student may contact the teacher through the integrated Q&A messaging system and receive an answer directly. You may also ask questions during the live classes and the individual student-teacher tutor sessions.

How can I translate word or sentences?

The courses have an integrated translator in lessons and quizzes that is accessible by clicking the blue button on the right side of the screen.

How does the live classes work?

The live lessons are listed in each course chapter. Here you’ll see the exact time at which a lesson is scheduled. To join simply click the Join In Browser or Join In Zoom App button. You may install the Zoom client app from here.